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Bean Bros Subscription

Prepaid - Coffee Subscription - Espresso Roast

Prepaid - Coffee Subscription - Espresso Roast

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Prepaid Specialty Coffee Subscription - Espresso Roast

Prepay for 6 or 12 months and SAVE 10%!

Since the launch of Bean Bros, we’ve been selecting specialty coffee roasters from across the Nordics and Europe, delivering the best quality beans right to your front door. Every month you can taste 2-3 different coffees from a Scandinavian style roastery.

Some of our features are from well established roasters you may have heard of, others are exciting newcomers in the industry. What matters to us is the complexity and quality of the coffee tasting profiles.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Select Your Subscription Box Size and prepay 6 or 12 month:

    • Standard Box: 2 bags (2x250gr)
    • Big Box: 3 bags (3x250gr)
    • Family Box: 4 bags (4x250gr)


  2. Monthly Delivery:

    • You will your subscription box once a month, containing a selection of different speciality espresso beans from our featured guest roasters. Each box typically includes a variety of 1-3 distinct coffees.
  3. Learn and Enjoy:

    • Each box comes with a flyer featuring an interview with the roaster, so you can get to know them better and deepen your coffee knowledge.

You can count on us bringing you fresh and exciting coffee experiences month in, month out. Give it a try!

Subscription Specifications:

  • Each Bag: 250g whole beans
  • Roasters: Guest roasters every month, featuring the best specialty coffee roasters in the Nordics and Europe
  • Roast Profile: Espresso ( light to medium roast)
  • Subscription Options: Little, Standard, Big, Family
  • Shipping: From Denmark in the first week of the month
  • Freshness: Coffee beans are always freshly roasted before shipping
  • Ideal For: Espresso brewing
  • Renewal: Subscription automatically renews every 6 or 12 months


How do we choose which roasters to include in our subscription box?

We choose our roasters depending on a number of factors. We want to give you the best experience of all the coffee industry has to offer. Therefore, we try to vary our subscription as much as possible, making space for both classic and alternative tasting profiles. We also always go with what we think tastes brilliant, and try to feature different process and origin every month. There’s so much amazing coffee out there. We've made it our task to find it and ship it directly to you!

Which subscription size would you recommend, depending on how much coffee I drink?

As each bag is 250g, that means it will make around 13-14 double espresso shot (counting with 18-19 gr/shot) From this, you can work out which subscription suits you best. If you’re having more than one cup a day, we definitely suggest that you go for one of the larger subscriptions.

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