Find answer to the most frequently asked questions regarding our services! Do you have a special request? Don't hesitate to contact us.



    Can I pause my subscription?

    Going on vacation? Too much coffee and would like to pause it for a little while? Or just want to take a break? No need to cancel. It’s easy to skip one or more shipments.

    If you haven’t already, log in to your account. Head over to the Subscriptions section of your account dashboard and click the ‘Pause Subscription’ link.

    Can I cancel my coffee plan?

    Yes, you can cancel your coffee plan by logging in to your dashboard. After you cancel, we'll send you any deliveries that you already paid for, and we'll never bill you again.

    Not a subscriber? - Subscribe here 

    How long will it take for my package to be delivered - You should expect to receive the coffees about 2 weeks after we've shipped. For further details please scroll to the bottom of the page

    Are there additional taxes? Our subscriptions value fall below the value threshold imposed by most countries customs rate. Therefore usually added taxes wont be applied. However please contact your local tax authorities for further information. 

    Espresso or Filter? You can add both, mix and match. It will be shipped together 

    How many different coffees are you sending? Our subscription features 3 different coffees from the same roaster. Order as many as you want, if you order 3 or more bags you will get 3 different ones from an amazing Nordic or European roaster.

    How fresh will my coffee be? Very fresh. We typically ship your coffee within a few days after it has been roasted. We source your coffee specifically for our subscribers to ensure your deliveries are as fresh as possible.



    When will my order ship?

    We will inform you by email when your order is on its way. You can subscribe any time of during the month, but orders will usually ship out in the beginning of the month. Orders placed after the cut off date will receive their packages after the coming month. We ship all orders within the first week of the month.

    Do you ship to my country?

    We offer fast shipping including tracking on our subscription plans for all countries.

    Do you ship to my country?

    We ship with tracked national mail all subscription orders. You will get a tracking number automatically when your order has been shipped. Orders are generally shipped from Denmark.


    Delivery times:

    Denmark: 2-3 business days (via DAO)

    EU: 4-7 business days (Tracked National Mail)

    North America: 7-10 business days (Tracked National Mail)

    Australia: 7-12 business days (Tracked National Mail)

    South East Asia: 12-24 business days (Tracked National Mail)

    Indonesia: JNE Express - Local Delivery - Indonesia (5-12 days - TAX included)

    China and HK: 7-12 business days (Tracked National Mail)

    Rest of the world: 14-24 business days (Tracked National Mail)