Kawa from Paris in our October Guest Roaster Subscription

Bienvenue! It’s November and winter is creeping in, along with lower
temperatures and darker skies but when you have coffee and friends to share
that with then there is always some warmth and joy!
This month we are sharing with you some joyful packaging and wonderful coffee
from our new friends in Paris, Kawa!
Please enjoy this special selection, share your moments with us and take some
time out to read a bit about the people behind your brew.

Who makes up the team and why do you love working in coffee?
18 amazing individuals taking care of the roasting, packaging, logistics, sales,
accounting and marketing.
It's a beautiful product full of surprises and evolving every year.
Also, as a roaster, you learn everyday by roasting new coffees or just by
changing your style.  During winter, you might want to have coffee with a heavier body and more sweetness and then something lighter and acidic in summer.

What achievements that make you proud?
The company, seeing people over Europe sending pictures of the packaging and
their brewing. It's amazing!
The competitions, we worked a lot with Thomas (head roaster) the last 2 years
with the World Aeropress Championship and then the roasting competition in France.

What objectives / visions that you are focussed on making happen?
Making tastier coffees, keeping long term relationships with all the farmers we
are working with. Then, maybe opening a Kawa coffee shop abroad...

Is there any seasonal release you look forward to the most...if so, why?
This year, we were working a lot with Panama and got the chance to try amazing
coffees. Otherwise, I'm always very excited by Ethiopian and Salvadoran harvests.

Your bags are beautiful. Is there a story behind the design?
First, thank you very much! We worked on it during the lockdown. The idea was
to express the terroir and the taste of the coffee. We wanted all our coffees to be unique. Including the packaging, especially for the work of the farmers.

What are your main goals in selecting and roasting coffee?
Selection is a big part of our job currently. We are trying to find the best
producers and get an array of what coffee can taste like. The most amazing thing is to find this new flavour you have never had in a coffee before.

How do you find the coffee scene in Paris, and perhaps wider France?
Things are moving a lot in France at the moment. It's just the beginning, I hope!
All the actors are very focused on selecting the best coffees and helping to
democratise the specialty coffee in France.

In terms of competition, I believe France had some pretty good results and hope
it would be even better in the coming years.

Great selection for this month, tell us a bit about our coffee.
We have been working with Agua Sarca from Nicaragua for two years.

Bombe is also an incredible cooperative from Ethiopia. They are impressive with
their natural processes and we are delighted to work with them again.

For the first time, we did a big selection of Ethiopian coffees with Antoine Nétien
from Clima who brought one of the cleanest naturals that we had for a long time. Along with it we bought the only washed that he selected, and we are absolutely delighted by the result in the cup.

Any brew recommendations: recipes you would like to share?
Easy one but super worth it to not spend too much coffee dialling your perfect
12g -> 210 ml -> 2min30 extraction
Water : 88°C for dark roast
regular light roast 94°C
Nordic light roast 100°C

Any closing remark you would like to make to our subscribers?
Enjoy your coffee, and feel free to ask any questions about the brewing on our

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