Introducing Bonanza Coffee for our November Coffee Box.

If you have ever been to Berlin you probably heard the name Bonanza Coffee, because it stands for the finest roasts that are used worldwide and in many cafes throughout the city. Just the past week our team have visited their gorgeous new cafe in a backyard off Adalbertstraße in Kreuzberg. We also had the chance to talk to Yumi the co-founder of Bonanza Coffee that started back in 2006 as a small coffee shop.

We were astonished by the spacious room and elegant Danish Designer chairs – the glass that separates the cafe space from the roaster that is from oak wood and mirrors, the tables that holds the coffee machines are wood and steel mixture (designed by Rotterdam- and Berlin-based Modiste Furniture) . All of it is just true perfection.

They put a great emphasis on roasting the best bans. Therefore they only buy the best specialty beans from a great selection of countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Kenya, Indonesia, and Colombia and pays a significantly higher premium than fair-trade prices. Sustainability and quality is their primary focus and this is what they say about it:

"We looked into the topic ‘Fair Trade Coffee’, what we found was, Fair Trade labeled coffees are not traded in a way that inspired us. Between the way we like to work and improve with coffee and the way the Fair Trade Organisation works, lies a discrepancy in ideas for us.

That naturally lead us to join the movement within coffee that focusses on quality. Paying for quality, in examples of other companies that have gone before us, results in an authentic affiliation to farmers, an impressive product and a challenging way of working that keeps us going.

We deal with coffees where the prices range from morally correct to where the kilo price fetched on rare coffees of exceptionally high quality is news on itself.

But what is more important to you is that you can taste the difference, the resulting cup is truly surprising, we can imagine that this is a better reason to pay for what you are drinking."

Bonanza Coffee Roaster - Bean bros. Coffee Subscription Box

After tasting all the whole selection, we had to make the hardest decision and choose the beans we want our subscribers to get.

Pedro Villatoro - Guatemala

Bonanza Coffee Roaster - Bean bros. Coffee Subscription Box - Guetamala BeansHazelnuts & Chocolate. Apples & Melon. Refreshing acidity. Sweet and dense cup. Juicy mouthfeel.

Huehuetenango is blessed with a warm and dry climate, providing specialty coffee growers of the region with consistent conditions for producing high quality year on year.

Yet, at the same time the altitudes at which most coffee is grown in this part of Guatemala are the highest of the whole country. These conditions coupled with the hard work of the farmer, Pedro Villatoro, convinced us to select his lot 'Guayabales' this year - thanks to it's highly sweet and juicy cup profile

The second bag for 2 and 3 bag subscribers:

Sasaba - Ethiopia

Strawberry cream & blueberries. Floral notes & tropical fruits. Smooth mouthfeel. Clean finish.

The Sasaba washing station is located in a highly remote region in the West of Ethiopia. It is fairly new to our Importers relationship program in Ethiopia but has been of high importance since their first visit.
This is because Sasaba produces a remarkably clean, yet at the same time very fruity cup profile – and has still big potential for improvement.
The coffee has been rinsed before being dried evenly within the whole fruit, followed by milling and intensive sorting.
During the drying process the juice of skin and pulp surrounding the coffee seed migrates towards the center and partially enters the coffee beans. This results in a sweeter, more fruit driven flavor compared to a washed process.

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