Guest Roaster for May: Slow Mov Specialty coffee

Welcome to the Bean Bros roaster selection box for May! We hope this finds you well and you are ready to enjoy another delicious selection of the best coffee we could source for you!
This month we feature Barcelona based SlowMov. A fantastic team who we are excited to present for the first time.

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Who makes up SlowMov and what inspires you?

Carmen and François founded SlowMov in 2015. The rest of the team are Mehdi, our roaster, Maria, in charge of wholesale customers and Ana and Alex, our baristas. 
We love working in coffee because specialty coffee is only the excuse. We love to work with qualitative products and know where they come from.
We have enjoyed challenging our customers by providing no sugar in our coffee shop, and people don't complain! 
In terms of driving forwards, we would like to push people to reduce and reuse in the coffee industry and in their houses.

What are your main goals in selecting and roasting coffee?

We search for traceable and sustainable sweet coffees. The roast should not stand out, but the qualities of the terroir. 

How do you enjoy being part of your local coffee community and what does this involve? After a few years without seeing each other, now we enjoy physical events again. In Barcelona, at the moment there is a good relationship between the different roasters.

Great selection of coffee this month, tell us a bit about each

Farm Maracay, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. This coffee was grown by Luz Helena Salazar. This lot was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 30h, later placed to raised beds until 20% moisture content was achieved, then coffee is placed in grainpro bags for 80 hours.
This is the first time that we have coffee from this farm.
When cupping we noticed how the white wine fermentation process highlighted the notes of ripe fruit and panela. Extremely sweet Castillo variety. 

For brewing we recommend V60 (19,5g 300ml water/ MEDIUM 800 microns) 

Gitega Hills, Rwanda. This is the third year that we have coffee from this washing station. Thanks to its altitude and its volcanic soil has become an excellent place to grow high-quality red bourbons. This coffee is the most herbal, delicate and spicy!

For brewing we recommend CHEMEX (19gr 280 ml / MEDIUM COARSE)

Finca Los Pirineos, owned by the Barahona family. The coffees from Finca Los Pirineos are known for being in the best positions of the El Salvador Cup of Excellence. Elite Bourbon variety. Natural process.
This is the first time that we have coffee from this farm
On the cupping table we enjoyed notes of caramel, medium body.

For brewing we recommend the French Press!

And finally, any closing remark you would like to make to our subscribers…

"Haste makes waste"

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