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Bean Bros coffee is always high quality, seasonally sourced from individual farmers. We roast our coffees in a way that highlights the terroir. We are proud to work with some of the best farmers and we wish to highlight the hard work that goes into the raw coffee beans.

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Filter and Espresso Beans

We offer single origin house espresso, for high volume customers. These are mainly from Costa Rica, Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia.

We also offer single origin Espresso Beans from a wide range of origins that are perfect for espresso brewing or milk espresso beverages. Our filter menu is the same as the Espresso, but roasted lighter for a delicate and interesting taste experience.

Our coffees are picked by professionals, and they have to perform to our high standards for being in our selection. We roast our coffee in Copenhagen, Denmark consistently producing a balanced and sweet profile with an impressively high flavour intensity. The result is a coffee in which the focus is on sweetness, body as well as clear and distinct flavour notes.

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We provide fast worldwide shipping

Freshness is a priority for us wherever you are in the world, we find a way to deliver smooth and fast.

Consistent roasting and strict protocols.  

Our strongest side is our roast consistency. Next to our quality control we use the daily feedback our baristas to constantly improve our coffees.

High quality raw materials

All coffees are sourced from single farmers where they determine the selling price, on which we do not negotiate. Our coffees on average are paid for at around 35% over the local fair trade prices.

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