Keen Coffee in our February Guest Roaster Subscription Box

Welcome to the Bean Bros February subscription, featuring some amazing coffee from the fantastic team at Keen Coffee. Below are some insights to their team, values and passion!

Keen Coffee

Who makes up the team at Keen Coffee?

At Keen Coffee, we're more than just a business - we're a family. It all started almost six years ago when baristas Rob Kerkhoff and Bonne Postma had a vision to change the coffee world. Fast forward to today, and we've become a tight-knit team of six, each with our own unique skills and passions. Joris is the brains behind the numbers, always thinking ahead and planning for the future. Roderick is our quality czar, making sure every production runs like clockwork. Bonne, our coffee wizard, stays in close contact with all our clients, sharing their love for quality beans. Ahmad, the roast master, works tirelessly to bring out the best in every bean. Bay, the packing pro, pays meticulous attention to every detail. And, Elisavet manages our online presence, keeping our digital content and social media on-point.

How was your 2022 – any great things you want to share?

We had a number of highlights this year, including Tristan Meulenbelt's Dutch Barista Championship finalist position with our El Diamante Geisha coffee. We also introduced over 30 new coffees, developed our own flavour wheel, hosted the fourth edition of the Aeropress championship successfully, and Roderick became a dad for the first time

Keen Coffee

Any big plans for 2023?

In June we are going to World of Coffee in Athens, Greece and hopefully we will move to a bigger roastery by the end of the year!

What competition stories do you have – from the last year or focus on coming up?

At Keen Coffee, competition fuels our fire! We're driven to innovate, refine our craft, and always learn more about the world of coffee. That's why we've been hosting the Dutch AeroPress Championship since 2018, bringing the best baristas from around the country together to showcase their skills and creativity. And, we're not just about talking the talk, we walk the walk too! Each year, we proudly participate in international championships, pushing our limits and striving for excellence. Our proudest moment? Coming in third place at the 2018 World Barista Championship! 

How do you enjoy being part of your local coffee community and what does this involve?

At Keen Coffee, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way people think about their daily cup of joe. With our direct trade approach, we bring you the finest, most flavourful coffee beans from farmers around the world. And, by paying 150% of the market price, we ensure that our farmers are not only able to produce the best coffee but also have the means to improve their production practices and livelihoods. By working directly with local coffee bars in Utrecht, we foster a community of coffee lovers who appreciate the care and passion that goes into every bean. Our close partnerships allow us to bring you an unrivaled coffee experience, one that truly captures the essence of the bean and the people behind it. 

In the box this month:

Nensebo Ethiopia

Nensebo takes your taste buds on a fruity, cream-filled adventure. This Ethiopian magic bean combines the tropical notes of strawberry, blood orange, mango, orange and pineapple with something creamy that we can only describe as yogurt gum. Adventurous indeed! Having a cup of Nensebo will make you want to dust off your hiking boots, knapsack and sense of wonder, and to boldly go where no one has ever gone before.

Kigari Kenya

Taste the boldness of dried mango and marmalade with a hint of sweetness from blackberry in every sip will not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports the indigenous Masai community.

Kingha Uganda

The bean formerly known as Bwindi changed its name to match its fame and is now called Kingha, after the estate where it’s grown in Uganda. This coffee is bursting at the seams with flavour of blueberry, dark chocolate and pear. Due to the chocolate notes in this cup of Ugandan awesomeness, it kind of reminded us of a liquor-filled bon- bon. Or a rumraisin ice cream cone.

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