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Hello there! It’s a new year, new opportunities, big dreams and a fresh, first feaure for our roaster box this month…welcome to the Netherlands based Keen Coffee.

Thank you for your custom and we hope that you love the coffee that we selected for you. Tasting notes and coffee descriptions will be included in the box, but some higlights for you below!

We managed to get some details from Keen, hopefully this gets you ready for some super tasty coffee!

Why coffee, why Keen?

Keen Coffee Roasters

Juicy. Colourful. Complex. When two Dutch baristas took a closer look at the ripe berries that coffee comes from, a single question became their great obsession: “How can we unlock the wildly delicious flavours hidden inside a coffee bean?”

Driven by our curiosity to explore more inspired flavours in a world of stale, over-roasted coffee, Keen Coffee sources the best of the best beans in season — straight from individual farmers who get paid fairly for sharing their treasure with us. We small-batch roast each bean so light and so fresh, you can taste the exact GPS coordinates it came from!

This question was the start of Keen Coffee. Part travel guide, part mad scientist, we’re here to pour you an unexpected adventure in every cup. Our beans aren’t the destination, they’re your map: an invitation to kick off your own flavour expedition and discover specialty coffee for yourself.

Explore, taste, repeat!

Keen Coffee Roasters

Any achievements that make you proud?

We love competition! We're very proud of our achievements with our El Diamante coffee at the World Barista Championships! We reach the finals in 2018 and 2019!

Is there a reason behind your bag design?

The diamond stands for our search for ‘hidden gems’ in the world of coffee

The coffees this month:


1. Bwindi - Uganada, Kingha Estate – SL34, SL318, SL28 – Hazelnut, Pear, Mango, Dark Chocolate

2. Mahembe – Rwanda, Nyamasheke – Red Bourbon – Grapefruit, Lime, Black Tea, Red Currant

3. Wolichu Wachu – Ethiopia, Guji – Bourbon – Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange

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