Uncommon - Featured Roaster in June 2024

Uncommon - Featured Roaster in June 2024

Every month has its own story, any moment could lead to something special. Right now, we are in June. You are part of the Bean Bros story and can enjoy some special coffee from Un.Common, Amsterdam based roasters and appreciators of great coffee and all those involved in the process of creating stories, connections and great taste.

Where did the name Un.Common come from?

We believe every coffee has its own uncommon story, its own unique microclimate, variety, altitude, and processing methods.

In our quest to learn more about our producers and their land, we have witnessed countless instances of crop disease, unpredictable rainfall, and price fluctuations. But more importantly, we’ve seen the exceptional accomplishments, bravery, and creativity that our producers and their communities show in the face of such complex environmental and socio-economic challenges.

Every coffee we offer has such an inspiring and unique story, we really wanted to connect people to these featuring Un.Common

Who are the team?

We have a small but very talented team. Nina, Claye, and Josh are the co-founders of Uncommon and all have their own skills in different areas. Nina is our creative director and looks after ethics and sustainability, Claye manages the business side of things, finances and oversees operations at our café locations, while Josh is our Head of Coffee at the roastery.

Mat is our partner for our newest location and is our head chef. We now have Dan managing operations in the roastery and Teun is our longest standing employee, who does our production roasting and also hosts trainings our wholesale clients. We also have staff helping with production and we have to mention all of our lovely café staff of course!

How do you enjoy being part of your local coffee community?

We have a very nice community around our café in Amsterdam, so we are very lucky. We’re located in a beautiful part of the city and there is a nice balance of locals and tourists, and we have the chance to meet so many different people each day. A café space really is the best platform to spark peoples interest in specialty coffee and to share knowledge and ideas about the industry, and to share the stories about the producers we work with.

We host cuppings and events monthly and always get a great turn out of enthusiastic people willing to taste coffee and learn more about it, so we feel very privileged to able to connect with so many different people through coffee.

Great selection for this month, please share some info on the coffee.

Ngororero – Rwanda – Bourbon – Washed

For us this is a wonderful reminder of how good washed Rwandan coffee can be. It is sourced through Sucafina and RWACOF and comes from the renowned Ngororero washing station, in the Ngororero district, in Rwanda’s Western Province. It is honey-sweet with stone fruits, floral notes and refined acidity.

You can expect notes of honey, apricot, & plum.

La Linda – Bolivia – Caturra – Anaerobic Washed

This is a very clean and sweet Caturra from Agricafe’s first farm, Finca La Linda. We fell in love with Bolivian coffee when we visited the Rodriguez family in Caranavi last year. They are pioneering coffee production in Bolivia and this ‘anaerobic washed’ Caturra is a great example of their quality: a clear cup with soft, malic acidity and a deep lingering sweetness.

You can expect notes of pear, caramel, and grape.

Suke Quto – Ethiopia – Kurume & Wolicho – Washed

We’ve been buying coffee from Tesfaye at Suke Quto every year since we started Un.Common. The coffee is Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified, is blockchain based and finances new schools for surrounding villages. This washed lot is sweet, clean, juicy, and floral.

You can expect notes of apricot, honey melon and a butterscotch.

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