The Barn from Berlin in our April coffee box.

We are proud to present our featured roaster in April. It's a pleasure to work with one of Berlins most well-known specialty coffee roastery that opened it's doors back in 2010. We've had the chance to talk to Ralf Rüller (first from left on the picture), the owner and founder of The Barn about specialty coffee, their recent project in Rwanda and Kenya and tasted the large selection of coffees. We were able to narrow it down and choose 2 of the most outstanding coffees that all our subscribers will be able to enjoy in April. If you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to taste 2 amazing filter coffees from different origins, make sure to subscribe before the 31st of March. All subscription boxes will ship out within the first week of April.

beanbros-featured-roaster-the-barn-2018-specialty coffee subscription

Photo: Bean Bros - 2018.03.19, Berlin, The Barn - Ralf Rüller, Felix, Viktor Dobai, Tobias Neustupny -

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