Special Release: Funky natural from Honduras | Bean Bros.

Special Release: Funky natural from Honduras

Weʼre back with some very unique coffee

If youʼre like us and love to discover new coffees and roasters you will love what we have planned for this special release.

Bean Bros - Holistik

We have been following Zoltánʼs work for a long time, heʼs been roasting and sourcing coffees at Casino Mocca until he recently started his new coffee venture: Holistik. Zoltán Kis was trained as, and still is, a UX engineer. His background as an engineer has factored into a deep understanding of the parameters of roasting. His vision with Holistikis to always feature coffees with very unique and rare taste profiles. And leaving all economies aside he is only roasting filter coffees:

“In the coffee industry, it has become a trend that you cannot make a business solely focusing on filter coffee. When you have a roastery and you supply coffee shops, you realisethat 9 out of 10 kilos sold is espresso. But with Holistikiʼm going with very minimal costs, iʼm the only one working in the business. I donʼt have anyone hired to do design or pr, Iʼm doing everything by myself and that is how I can sustain this business model.”

Holistik Coffee - Bean Bros

For our first feature with Holistik, weʼre bringing you something very unique, something weʼve never featured before. Itʼs a coffee from Honduras, from a producer called Norma Iris Fiallos and naturally processed with 90 hours of maceration. This is a must-try experience. Such macerated naturals taste so boozy, fermented, and so deeply driven by overripe fruits like nothing else.

This coffee is very limited so we can only offer 70 bags in total. So first come, first serve! Shipping will be after the 19th of April. You can order them here

Only 70 boxes to be released! Containing 200grof coffee
Roaster: Holistik Coffee in Kecskemet, Hungary
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