Prolog Coffee - Featured roaster in March 2024

Prolog Coffee - Featured roaster in March 2024

Prolog Coffee

Spring time is starting in Europe, bringing us lighter days and warmer weather, always an optimistic time of year! Thank you for your continued support of Bean Bros. This month we are really pleased to share with you coffee from Copenhagen based Prolog.

What are your goals and principles?

Our goal has always been quite simple: To give our guests and wholesale customers a better coffee experience. To add the quality of life by exploring what is embodied in an amazing coffee experience.

For us, great coffee is something that is at the same time delicious and sense-evoking. This is always something we're on the lookout for when sourcing coffees.


We love to put in effort to make a great product. We love to serve something of great quality to the people who visit us in our coffee bar and to the coffee bars, restaurants, bakeries, etc. who use our coffee beans. Since we opened our doors in 2016, every day in Prolog has been a part of the journey to get closer to this goal. Constantly reimagining and reevaluating our practices and our ways of thinking.


That’s why we have our name, Prolog. It’s always a beginning.

Making a better product in the form of roasted coffee requires better green coffee.

We believe it’s only possible to produce better green coffee by paying a price that supports the production of such a product - hence supporting the growth of a sustainable nature. We regard it self-evident that a sustainable nature is intrinsically connected to the production of amazing green coffee.


Prolog Coffee Copenhagen


We believe it’s important to have direct communication and strong, long-term relationships with the coffee farmers who produce the coffee we buy. This allows for greater understanding between the producers and us and this understanding essentially manifests in the final taste of the coffee.


Tell us about the coffee this month.

El Obraje Caturra Washed

This is certainly not the first time that Prolog has worked with El Obraje, and for very good reason! From visiting personally, we have seen with our own eyes that the farm and wet mill is extremely well run with high attention to detail in the way that they grow and process their coffees.

The result of this is some extremely clean, sweet and juicy coffees. With this washed Caturra, in particular, we experience balanced and well-structured flavours of mango, orange, and papaya. It’s the fourth year now that we have worked together with El Obraje, buying several different lots of various varieties and processes. Our faith and confidence in this farm is really highlighted by the fact that we have chosen to work with their coffees for competition, and are always considering El Obraje when we are competing in the future.

Prolog Coffee

La Higuera

La Higuera is an organic coffee which is very traditional and approachable in its flavour profile. We have really increased our purchase of Peruvian coffees in the last three years now because we have noticed the quality of coffees really improving year on year.

La Higura is a great example of this, a clean, round and sweet profile with a delicate, elegant acidity. In the cup, we experience favours of brown sugar, plum, and black tea. If you’re looking for a coffee which all your guests or colleagues will undoubtedly enjoy, this certainly is the one.


Chelbesa is a coffee with a really pleasant and sweet character. We’re experiencing delightful citrusy and black tea notes in the cup with floral aromas. This is the first time that Prolog has worked together with the farmers from the village of Chelbesa, and we’re really excited to share their coffee with all of you!

Any final words for our subscribers?

We dearly hope that you enjoy these coffees as much as we do! Whether it's through our coffee bar, to our wholesale partners, or sending beans directly to your home, we always strive to share some truly memorable coffee experiences and, if even in a slight way, add to the quality of life. Thank you for joining us in that journey :)

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