Per Nordby Specialty Coffee in November

Introducing our featured roaster for November: Per Nordby Specialty Coffee from Gothenburg, Sweden.

When Per Nordby started roasting for his own roasting company under his own name, it wasn't the start into his coffee journey as he already had experiences in all things coffee for close to 15 years. This experience paired with his eagerness to source, roast and share only the best coffees leads to coffees that show his love and passion for his craft.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, he roasts his coffee with the aim of highlighting the sweetness, clarity, and balance of the beans for them to result in a great cup of coffee. Having built up relationships with farmers, Per Nordby knows how to source great, interesting coffees and we are excited to be sharing those with you in November.

Per Nordby Specialty Coffee - Featured Roaster By Bean Bros

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