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Nomad from Barcelona in August

A fresh seasonal lineup is here from Nomad coffee.

We are very excited to be working with Nomad coffee for the second time. We had a chance to visit them back in February of this year and we just had a great time visiting all their coffee shops and tasting their wonderful lineup.
So this month we are featuring 3 fresh crop coffees. Depending on how many bags you've subscribed to you'll be getting the following coffees

- GUATEMALA - TIPOJ - Washed processed coffee from the Huehuetenango region. You can expect notes of lime, raspberry, and plum
- ETHIOPIA - DUROMINA - Washed processed Heirloom from the Jimma region. Very sweet and juicy coffee with notes of blueberry, strawberry and lavender.
- And the third bag of coffee is the KENYA - WAMUGUMA - Washed processed SL28, SL34 from the Gatundu district. You can expect notes of plum, dried apricot, and cane honey.

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