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Morgon Coffee Roasters in September

One of our goals is to send fresh coffees to all parts of the world, so the freshest it can get is with fresh crop coffees.

But it's even better when the beans are roasted by a fresh crew of coffee-loving professionals like Morgon Coffee Roasters from Gothenburg, Sweden.

We loved working with them when we featured them for the first time, so we are very happy to be partnering up for a second round.

You did well signing up or staying on board for them, so let's see what we have for our September box:

Sandra Milena Mora: Colombia, Palestina
Washed Tabi Red apple and milk chocolateGithembe -

Kenya, Kiambu
Variety: SL28, SL34, Batiansirupy blackberry, and complex and bright florals

Additionally, we have another special release that you can order and have shipped with your subscription. Also roasted by Morgon Coffee Roasters: a very special Honey processed Geisha varietal from Costa Rica in the Tarrazu region, You can expect notes of cotton candy, Jasmine and Papaya

Bean Bros. Special release - Morgon Coffee - Gesha Varietal

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