MOK - Featured roaster in January 2024

Happy New Year to all our subscribers! Thank you for your custom and we wish you all the very best for 2024! 

In your boxes this month we have coffee from the spectacular, Belgium based, MOK Coffee. They have been roasting since 2012, founded by two times Belgian Cup Tasters Champion Jens Crabbé. We include for you this month some tasty examples of their remarkable work!

Jens, tell us a little about your team!

Our roastery team grew quiet a lot the last two year, we are often 4 people working simultaneously. Paulien, who started off as a Barista and quickly climbed the coffee nerd ladder is now in charge of the roastery operation. She takes care of profiles together with David, who also works as a QC for a green importer. I (Jens, founder of MOK) am still involved weekly in quality control and green buying but the quality of MOK is a team effort nowadays.

What do you roast on?

We have been roasting on a Probat UG22 for two years now and have just received our Stronghold S9X this week, an electric 8kg coffee roaster to assist our production.

We will probably be using this roaster for all our Boxed coffees and some filter profiles, this machine should allow us to reach even more clarity in our coffees!

What is your Boxed Series?

Previously known as white label, this range will feature the best possible coffees available and are always scoring around 90. We are looking for special processes, rare varieties, and the highest scoring lots.

Do you have any coffee bars?

Yes we do! We currently have a presence in Brussels and Leuven. Two very different bars, from rustic and cosy in Leuven to the modern and vibrant spot in the hip Dansaert neighbourhood of Brussels.

In our bars we bring the coffee experience from bean to cup in all its variations to our customers. Each day we try to excite everyone with our coffee. Alongside our coffee, tea & ferments we offer a selection of locally baked cakes & pastries.

We hope you will visit if you are in the area!

The coffee this month:

Tessema Edima Washed 100% Kurume variety!

For the 6th consecutive year we are very proud to release this washed lot from Mr Tessema Edima. We are always looking forward to cupping this exquisite coffee harvested in prime coffee land in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Typical of this region is the way in which the plantations are managed. The plantation is mostly left alone in its natural semi-wild state. The shade provided by the wild trees in combination with the very fertile soil provide the perfect ecosystem to create a very balanced cup with a lot of fruity, floral notes. This is one of our most long term relations!

AA Kiamabara - Kenya

The Kiamabara washing station services 910 smallholders, it is well situated with the Kingu river as a nearby water source. The ripe cherries are picked, and brought to the washing station by the farmers.

Varieties: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, and Ruiru 11
Processing: Washed

Intense, acidic, deep. So complex and structured with notes of hibiscus, soft vanilla, dark floral, black tea, lemon balm.

Colombia, Nestor Lasso, Bourbon Aji

Last year Nestor Lasso & Cata Cafe visited our roastery where we held an open cupping and talked about values and processing. Nestor is known for his extended fermentations and expressive profiles.

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Notes: Red fruit flavours, a candy like sweetness and creamy mouthfeel with a sparkling, lactic acidity.


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