May 2021: Subscription feautre

We love to feature the best roasters and the best coffee...this month we are delighted to bring you some amazing coffee, in vibrant packaging from the one and only Bean Bros 😎

We love our work at Bean Bros, bringing you the best coffee we can find each month, this is from both established and new roasters. A chance to explore the known and the unknown but never a compromise on great taste.

This month we have found three amazing coffees for you, more so they have been roasted our way in our colours! Check out the new bags…the brightness starts on the outside, eye catching design and mouth-watering flavour.

This is a wonderful start to Spring with some sparkle in your cup and to display on your shelf. Don’t forget to take a one of those much-loved coffee shots and tag us at #beanbros.

We know it has been a tough year around the world. We are pleased to have been able to provide great products to your home, to help bring some joy and we are hugely grateful for the loyalty of our customers and the new people who have tried us out.

We like taking a varied approach to our product line up and how we best serve you, our customer.

Over the years we have worked to evolve what we do so we can have the best range and the best opportunity for you to experience the best out there.

This started with our coffee subscription and we remain proud and committed to this. Every month we feature what we consider to be the best coffee out there roasted by the best roasters. Sometimes these are well known and established roasters and sometimes up and coming roasters, but one thing that never changes is the quality we want to get in your cup!

Once a month always felt a little limiting, as well as trying to keep the cost to you at a reasonable level, so we expanded to add to our rota occasionally featured specials. These tend to be more exclusive beans with limited availability. We have been able to provide some outstanding specials from the known roasters as well as Bean Bros own! This last Christmas was such a great experience for us, sourcing green beans and making sure we got the roast in line with our tastes and the best the beans had to offer.

The Bean Bros roast either special or regular feature, is a real challenge for us. We taste so much great stuff, we know what the best is, and we want to be up there with our own offering. Constantly pushing ourselves for more.

Bean Bros Roasting

We hope that you are pleased with what we offer, and this is a chance for people to buy coffee any time, not just as part of a subscription, but you are welcome to add a bag to your subscription!

What we’ve got this month.

Ecuador Pillcocaja

Ecuador Pillcocaja

Pillcocaja from Ecuador is our main featured coffee of the month! It’s super fruity and juicy and comes with a really interesting backstory. The Crespo family acquired the property 12 years ago to produce coffee. The cherries are harvested and then processed in a wet mill located 800 meters from the farm, which ensures their perfect freshness. For the dry mill, the cherries are pulped and fermented for 18 hours and the water used comes from a well nearby. The coffee then dries on African beds under 70% shade for 12 days. An exceptional coffee reflect- ing the passion, curiosity and expertise of a producer guided by innovation and a quest for perfection.

Details: Variety: Typica Processing: Washed Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l. Harvested: 2020

Costa Rica Volcan Azul

Volca Azul - Costa Rica

One of our featured coffees this month is from Costa Rica and the Volcan Azul coffee estate which is located in the Alajuela region and overseen by Don Alejo Castro, he is an incredibly knowledge- able farmer who takes great pride in his work
“Coffee is a big part of my life that has brought to my family happiness. This is why I feel the commitment to achieve excellence in our coffee quality.”
Alejo is a sixth-generation coffee farmer and winner of the 2017 Cup of Excellence. His family is actively acquiring natural rainforest areas in order to se- cure protection and conservation.

Variety: Villa Sarchi
Farm: Volcan Azul, Central Walley Producer: Alejo Castro
Process: Red honey
Harvested: 2020

Colombia Huila

Green Apple ∙ Bergamot ∙ Peach
Producer: E. Fernando-Restrepo Process: Anaerobic Natural Varietal: Bourbon
Harvest: 2020

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