Manhattan Coffee Roasters -  July 2021 - Guest roaster feature

Manhattan Coffee Roasters - July 2021 - Guest roaster feature

Welcome to Manhattan!

Ok…so we can’t travel as much as we would like to, but Bean Bros continues to bring the best of the coffee world to your door! 

We are delighted that the sun is shining, and we have summer feelings again! Really exciting month for us as we get to feature the amazing Manhattan Coffee Roasters.

Please enjoy these wonderful coffees, share your brews with us on Instagram and check out our latest offerings in the Bean Bros webshop!

Photo by: @lichterkind

Why do you love working in coffee?

The beautiful thing about the specialty coffee industry is that it feels like one big family. Working in coffee we’ve made so many friends globally from all walks of life. From producers, traders, competitors, baristas, coffee drinkers. We all share a passion for coffee but all enjoy it in our own unique way. It’s an industry where we have different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, but still speak the same coffee language.

We’ve learned a lot from the people we’ve met and will continue to keep learning and questioning, testing and pushing the boundaries. I think coffee as a product still has a lot of potential and I don’t think we’ve seen the best from coffee yet. I think there is still plenty of room for growth in terms of quality, innovation and expanding flavor profiles and we want to work towards that. To really push the boundaries.

Any achievements that make you proud?

There are a lot of things we’re proud of. Through starting and growing our business we’ve stuck to our values and beliefs. We believed we could build a valid business with a focus on unique, high-end coffees and special lots and we stuck by that. We’re also proud of the relationships we’ve built with our producer friends and the work we do behind the scenes, our ability to share their hard work globally, the product and the trust we’ve built with our customers.

What is the vision for your company?

Our vision is to have a personal way of working that puts people at the forefront and we want to offer a diverse range of mind-blowing coffees.

We offer our coffees in a range of categories that fit a certain price/quality bracket and we pay the connected green cost price for the coffees in each category, meaning we will sometimes offer to pay more for a certain lot when we feel it’s deserving of that category and that connected price. That’s something we want to continue doing and feel it helps drive up quality by rewarding good results. It also creates a good relationship with producers that is based on honesty and quality and it’s something we want to push.

How does cupping run at your roastery?

When we cup as a team we cup in silence and write down our experiences and flavor notes separately so to not influence each other, then we share afterwards.

We are a team of people that come from different parts of the world, with different levels of experience, different backgrounds and we all have our own flavor library and preferences. We do have our own descriptors that we use but usually we mean the same thing and we are very in-tune. We balance our notes and pick the most prominent, but also notes that can be recognized by a wide audience and we try not to overcomplicate it. We discuss and come to a conclusion as a team and we all really enjoy it. 

Is there any particular seasonal release you look forward to the most? 

Well Luna Bermudez has been the most anticipated coffee of the year and we’ve been looking forward to this ever since we had the predecessor, Letty Bermudez. Letty was the most mind-blowing coffee we’d ever come across and we immediately spoke with Diego about how he could push it even further for the next harvest. It was super exciting knowing that Diego was working on his most innovative coffee yet and that we would soon be able to taste the results. We were sharing ideas and speaking with Diego throughout the harvest so the anticipation was really built up here and rightly so, it is an incredible coffee.

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