Kafferaven by Per Nordby - June 2023 Featured Roaster

June is a great month with the sun shining and the days getting longer! This is also going to be a special month for Bean Bros as we will be at the World of Coffee in Athens, brewing great drinks and promoting the best grinder a home brewer can get, yes, the Varia VS3 Second Generation is coming!

We are so excited to share this product. Pre orders are now open on our webshop if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one!

We hope you enjoy your coffee this month from the wonderful team at Kafferäven. Take a moment to understand a bit more about Per Nordby, their values and approach to great coffee!


2023 – the year your business turns 10! Wow, that is amazing, well done.
How did your party go earlier this month?
We celebrated with balloons, popcorn and face paintings (foxes only) and of course coffee for all. We felt overwhelmed about how much love we got from everyone who came by to congratulate us.

Anything else planned for this year to celebrate?

We have some coffees right now and more coming in that are from the very same producers that we worked with in 2013 that we call our ”jubileumskaffe” to celebrate the relations that still go strong.

From the last 10 years, any key achievements that make you proud
When we stared we wanted to buy tasty coffee from people we knew and mix it up with tasty coffee from importers we trusted. Over the years, we had more and more direct trade and in 2017 we managed to go 100% direct trade and we have never regretted it.

How involved do you like to be in understanding the origin / farm / people involved in growing, harvesting and processing the coffee?
Being involved with the people growing, harvesting and processing our coffee is part of our core value. Without this, we would just be another roastery. Now, we can pick producers that share our values and aim for a positive development through a healthy trade relation and we see only good things coming from this. Economy, ecology and social development is closely linked, and our direct trade allow us to use the tool of paying a high price for excellent coffees to trigger development in more areas as well.

Featured coffees by Kafferaven in June 2023:

Kawa Yaku from Rwanda is both a new and an old relation for us. We buy this coffee through Kevin who is an old friend and the reason we work in Rwanda at all. He introduced us to the other coops we buy coffee from and three years ago he started his own business as an exporter. This lot is a washed coffee from Kawa Yaku that we roasted just for your subscribers and we will launch it for our customers later this year.

Gachuiro is a coop in Kenya that we got to know on a trip in 2020 and we have worked with them ever since. The coffee from Gachuiro is always our favorite on our cupping table due to its tasty profile, but also for being so consistent year by year.

Bridazul is a drying station in Nicaragua that is owned and managed by our good friends Claudia and Tim. They work with improving quality for many small producers by good farm management, selective picking and post harvest process. Many lots are so small that they can not make a lot by themself, so they are blended based on their cup profile into Bridazul Blends. These coffees are all dried as naturals with a long and controlled fermentation before drying.

Any closing remark you would like to make to our subscribers…

Brew your coffee as you like, drink it from your favorite cup and spend a coffee moment in solitude or good company as you prefer. Enjoy.

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