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Kaffa from Oslo in our October boxes - Featuring La Palma & El Tucan

KAFFA is a small coffee roastery with great ambitions.

Although the history of the coffee started far back in time, the coffee world has experienced a quiet "revolution" what we call specialty coffee since the past few years. These coffees have very special flavor properties because it is grown by farmers who have a great knowledge of their work, who make their shrubs and prosper their berries with cleverness and love. It is this type of coffee KAFFA is dealing with and this kind of attitude KAFFA is about.

"Good coffee is the best. At KAFFA we are convinced that the experience of how something tastes, including the experience of good coffee, depends on what you know about what you taste. Taste is not something you just have, nor is it a private matter. Taste is something that develops through sensory and intellectual work. Taste is formation. - from Physiology of Taste of Brillat-Savarin, Paris 1826."

Sign up for Beanbros to receive 2 different origins from the well known La Palma & El Tucan unique coffee farm and processing station located in Colombia, which BeanBros together with KAFFA is proud to collaborate with.
Make sure to sign up for the 2 or 3 bag options to get the full experience.

Last day to join: 24th of September - Shipping: Last week of September.

Kaffa - Beanbros - Specialty Coffee Box October release

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