Giraffe Coffee from Rotterdam - July Featured Roaster 2023

Giraffe Coffee from Rotterdam - July Featured Roaster 2023

Welcome to the July Bean Bros subscription! This is the month after World of Coffee – we had a great time meeting so many coffee people and working with Varia to share their amazing products, what an event! Please check our webshop for the latest products to help you get the most from your brew bar!

So, what better way to follow such an amazing event than featuring a new roaster for us with such a wonderful story too, check out the below for some insight and a very insightful fact!

Thank you for your orders and support – we value your custom and love to see you sharing your coffee experiences online!

Tell us a bit about Giraffe

We are Giraffe Coffee Roasters from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The name Giraffe was inspired by our love for African coffees. We picked the Giraffe as our mascot because it uses its long neck to only pick the best tasting leaves. Our very first coffees were sourced in Yirgacheffe. Today we are always looking for the most beautiful single-origin coffees from all over the world focusing on clean and balanced coffees.

What do you look for in a coffee?

As a specialty coffee roaster, we select characteristic coffees whose flavors are so interesting that you don't just drink coffee, but taste it. We support the values of an authentic and eco-friendly coffee culture, showcasing agricultural knowledge and terroir identity. We share the values of a transparent chain, with priority on traceability, quality and fair prices that give farmers opportunity. In the future we will be focussing even more on building partnerships with the farmers that produce these amazing coffees to see how we can extend this vision.

Anything special this year and are you involved in the local community?

This year we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary! Everyday we work very hard together to select, roast and serve the best and tastiest coffees for you.
We are proud that we have been able to make the most beautiful coffees for so long.

Being part of the still growing coffee community in Rotterdam but also in the Netherlands is great. By participating in friendly competitions and having conversations with different baristas, we get a good understanding of the coffee scene and have a lot of fun.

Any final words?

Did you know that giraffes almost never drink alone, but always in groups. Coffee connects people and we love how it brings people closer together and seek each other out. So drink a nice cup of coffee together and enjoy your day!

Featured Coffees:

Ethiopia, Uraga
At an impressive altitude of 1950 to 2250 meters, this is an amazing coffee in every way. In the relatively cool climate - still around 20 degrees Celsius - the coffee has plenty of time to develop an enormous wide pallet of flavors. We were looking for a Guji with the finest nuances of citric acid, sweet and fruity accents. Coffee grown in Guji has very different flavor profiles, even within the same region. With this Uraga, after a lot of research, we found this very detailed style.

Colombia, La Aldea

La Aldea is without a doubt one of the best Colombian coffee we have ever roasted. The floral and creamy taste in combination with flavors like mandarin, apple and almond make this coffee complex and balanced! After the coffee cherries have been picked by hand, the cherries are first washed for 48 hours during processing. Then the pulp around the green coffee bean is removed. After depulping, a drying phase of 15 days takes place.

Guatemala, Los Nisperos

Due to the altitudes in Huehuetenango, varying from 1200 to 1700 meters, we often find citric aromas and nutty and sweet tones. The same goes for Sotero Cano's coffee. With flavors such as mandarin, orange, dark chocolate and fresh herbs. Sotero Cano owns a small coffee plantation and a few other parcels nearby. Together with his three sons Jogli, Edin and Bayron, they lead Guatemala to the highest level with the coffee of Los Nisperos. The coffee plantation is named after the Nispero, a fruit with a taste similar to apricot and grows on their farm.

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