Father's Coffee Roaster - Featured Guest roaster in March 2022

Thank you for your subscription this month, it is our pleasure to bring a roaster to you that has not been previously featured. We introduce to you Father’s Coffee from Ostrava, Czechia.

We are grateful for your custom and wish for you to enjoy the coffee we have selected for you. It is not a great time now, against the backdrop of war and suffering in Ukraine. Our thoughts and best wishes are with those that need them. Bean Bros will be pledging 10% of proceeds this month to humanitarian aid, in support of this crisis. We're supporting Red Barnet Danish organisation (Save the Children's work for children affected by war and disaster)  and the Danish Red Cross

Please tell us a little about the team and your passion for coffee

We started FATHER’S back in 2017, just me (Petr) and my wife Marie. Before we were running our own coffee shop in Ostrava, Czechia, and working in Berlin as baristas. At this point, 10+ people are running Father’s coffee roastery, who love coffee and work effortlessly to make the customer experience perfect. In the last four years, we have grown from a local family roastery to a place that supplies many of the best European coffee shops. That still feels like a dream to me. The next step is being sustainable, zero waste, and emissions-free.

Is there any particular seasonal release you look forward to the most

We work very closely with Falcon Coffees and especially our dear friend Bara there, and she makes every season super exciting! I am happy we can work with some of the producers continuously year after year.

What are your main goals in selecting and roasting coffee?

Our goal in sourcing and roasting is sweetness, complexity, and clarity—also, easy brewing. I really enjoy it when coffee tastes good in the cafe, but it also needs to be easygoing and outstanding at home.

led you to roasting as your place to explore in the coffee industry?

It felt natural to start our roastery. When we opened our first coffee shop, we had no experience. It was not a big success back in 2013. We sold the brand and moved to Berlin to gain some knowledge. After a few months, we came back home, expecting family, and were asked to rejoin the coffee shop we sold. After a year or so, we felt this was not what we wanted to do, and we sold our share again and decided to open FATHER'S. At this point, we knew there wasn't anything else we could do except coffee, even though my major was Cinematography and my wife's Architecture!

Great selection for this month
, please could you share some detail.

Rwanda - Since we had the opportunity to roast Tumba last season and loved it, we decided to feature it again. Its spiciness and profound sweetness are outstanding.

The washing station was founded in 2007 and is now owned solely by Mr. Venuste, a former school teacher. As local Venuste knows the needs of people living around the washing station, so he invests in the local infrastructure.

Peru is the rising star of specialty coffee. We love how from cheap blender coffee Peru changed to origin with Cup of Excellence winners and competition coffees.

Roger Chilcón is a surprise for us this year. We cupped his coffee and immediately fell in love. The syrupy body and tropical notes. Just wow.

Close your eyes and imagine a country with all the flavor profiles of the world. Yep, that's Colombia. Every valley is its own world with a specific microclimate and conditions for cultivating coffee. We work with the Muelas brothers for the first time this year. They are small-scale farmers, so they put their coffees together to be processed in a micro-mill in Piendamo, Cauca.

Any brew recommendations: recipes you would like to share?

Generally, we use one recipe for brewing filter coffee through Hario V60 dripper. Using 20 grams of coffee and 300 ml of water helps us get balanced sweetness and acidity with TDS around 1,30. For pre-infusion, we use 70 grams of water and mix it thoroughly. After 30 seconds, we slowly pour additional 230 milliliters of water. The pour should end by the time of 1 minute. To agitate the coffee for better extraction, we use the so-called "Rao spin." Gentle and careful swirl with the whole V60. Drop time should be around 3:45 and coffee bed should be flat.


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