Ditta Artigianale - Featured roaster in April 20204


April 2024! Let’s fire some Italian passion and flair into the European springtime!

This month we feature Ditta Artigianale from Florence, Italy. A wonderful part of the world, famed for outstanding art, Renaissance architecture, and cultural heritage. We are delighted to share with you a taste of the sublime and the thoughts and words of the team there.

Enjoy your coffee and thank you for your continued support!

Tell us a little about the team and your passion for the industry.

Ditta Artigianale is basically a dream come true. For many years both Patrick and Francesco (two founders of Ditta) , after long studies and extensive research around the world on the different ways of interpreting coffee, dreamed of bringing the new specialty coffee phenomena to Italy.

Ditta was founded by Francesco Sanapo, world-renowned barista and coffee taster champion, and by Patrick Hoffer. After many years as a barista and store manager, Francesco Masciullo - another barista champion in our team - started a new adventure as a roaster of Ditta Artigianale.

Ditta Artigianale

We are proud of the success of our team members and the prizes for the whole team:

In 2017 Francesco Masciullo took 1st place in the Italian Barista Championship and was semi-finalist at World Barista Championship.
In 2019 Ditta Artigianale was the winner of Barawards as best Café in Italy.
In 2022 we were included by the Financial Times in the Top 30 Best independent coffee shops in the world.

Our main aim and mission is to bring to Italy high quality coffees, and to describe them in a brand new way, by focusing on the total transparency and eco-sustainability in, and for, all the different production steps.

What factors are important for you in helping to select producers to work with but also to help and support them?

We work exclusively with good coffees, and by good we mean everything that can be contained within this word: good in its taste and good in its ethics. Only for coffees that respect these rules will we open the doors of our roastery. Producers who work in coffee with a particular attention to the planet makes us proud to represent in our market, we do not like excessive use of herbicides and chemicals, we do not work with producers who deforest the surrounding environment to grow coffee, we don't work with irresponsible producers.

How do you enjoy being part of your local coffee community and what does this involve?
With 5 stores nestled in Florence, we proudly intertwine with the vibrant community, actively supporting initiatives close to our hearts. From invigorating coffee-fueled bike rides for cyclists to uplifting collective running meetings, and even hosting artisanal markets, we wholeheartedly embrace the passions that unite us with our community.

What came first for you – the coffee or the food?

First thing first… Of course coffee! :)

What is behind the colours you like to use in your branding?

Our brand's vibrant colors—yellow, red, and blue—hold a special significance, as they mirror the colors of the Colombian flag. This connection is no coincidence. Francesco's initial journey to Colombia, one of our first trips to an origin country, left an indelible mark on his heart, shaping our brand's ethos from then until this very moment.

Great selection for this month, for each of the coffee being featured please could you share some detail.

Costa Rica El Diamante - El Diamante is an example of how much innovation and research can bring enormous benefits to all small producers. Carlos's coffee is processed with an anaerobic fermentation process, and this great attention and care of the fermentation process makes this coffee unmistakable, in its aromas and its taste resulting in the notes of cinnamon, dark chocolate and gingerbread.

Honduras Catuai Washed - with the producer Marysabel and Moises we have been working for many years because all of their coffees are special, like this Catuai Washed with the notes of cookie, milk chocolate and green apple.

Ethiopia Worka Wuri Washed - a true delight for the senses. Notes on the palate reveal an intense fragrance of red cherry, followed by a delicate kiwi flavor that mixes harmoniously with a lively note of fresh lemon.

Any closing remark you would like to make to our subscribers?

We hope that while enjoying a cup of Ditta Artigianale coffee, each person can feel our craftsmanship, and that the experience will serve as inspiration to come and visit us in Florence

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