Da Matteo in November

We are still excited here at Bean Bros, with the success of our own coffee.
It was great for us to realise the ambition of providing coffee exactly how we like it. These times are always nervous as you wait to see if people agree and like what you are doing... it turns out we did!

Bean Bros Coffee

Thank you all for such positive feedback and we are glad that you loved your coffee as much as us. It makes all the hard work so worthwhile and motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries!
Even though the October roaster box has passed, the great news is, you can get our Bean Bros coffee when you like! It is not limited to a monthly release, so check our website or feeds for details of how you can order by itself or indeed add it to your monthly featured roaster box!

So, that brings us to November, and back on the road to find you the best roasters! We have definitely achieved that and are proud to bring you coffee from da Matteo!
Read on, to hear a bit about them and their coffee. We love their coffee and their philosophy. This is something we can really relate to, if everything you do comes from a place of caring and passion, then the result that is shared is something truly special and worthwhile.

Da Matteo Coffee Roastery

How did you find the Nordic roast forum this year?
We really enjoyed the Nordic Roast Forum this year. There was a lot of interesting lectures and discussions, especially about hybrids and coffee roasting in competitions. We learned a lot and met some amazing and talented people. Great to be there!

What other events do you like to take part in and what value do you think these have for the industry as a whole?
We have a lot of history with competing in the national championships in Sweden. We’ve gotten far, and also won some of the nationals in the past few years. These events are of great interest for us since we value the knowledge exchange and everything you learn from meeting people of the industry.
We think it’s very important for the industry to get together on these occasions and share thoughts on significant subjects. We’d like to take part in more events in the future.

How has the new roastery opening this year, been for you? What else is running from this premises if people wish to visit?
It’s been so much fun to see the new space in our venue evolve and grow to what is our roastery today. A very open area that lies next door to our bakery and includes our biggest coffeeshop yet.
This renovation has been such an experience and we’re very happy about the result. In this big venue of ours, you can visit both our roastery, our bakery and have a fika* while watching our pro- duction close up.
(*Fika is an important part of Swedish life and cul- ture. Loosely, it refers to the time taken in the day to stop, share coffee, some food and time with friends or colleagues.)

Bakery, cafe, roasting.... that’s a lot of great products and operational challenge! What do you enjoy most about each of the areas?
What we enjoy most is how well all parts of our company work together. We are very transparent and open in both our venues and how we work, as an example – you can have your coffee and fika right in the same area where we have our roastery production. What really puts it all together is the passion for craftmanship and sustainability.

Is everything designed to work well with each other and provide a great and complimentary supply chain?
In every part of what we do, we try to make sure as little as possible goes to waste, and we constantly come up with new ideas to make ourselves better.

Everything you do seems to be born out of pas- sion and interest in that area – is this true?
This is very true! We love what we’re doing – com- bining craftmanship with our ambition of creating a great coffee experience and doing it with passion.

Are you following passion rather than creating a specific business plan? What level of business planning goes into what you do and do you en- joy this aspect as much as the more creative and tasty side of things?
To follow the business plan is for us to follow our passion. Of course, we’ll have to run our company professionally for everything to work smoothly, but the passion is always there. It’s the perfect balance between the two components, that really makes it enjoyable.

What are your main plans for the next 12 months?
Well, for starters we’re opening a new café in Janu- ary. We also want to expand our food concept, and our coffee education programs – both intern and extern. We want to share our knowledge with peo- ple who are interested in coffee. These are our main focuses for the next 12 months.

Article and interview by:Kris Thurbin

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