Coffee Collective - Featured roaster in August.

Welcome to August with Bean Bros! This month we bring you a firm favourite and, like us, based in Copenhagen…Coffee Collective!
Enjoy the amazing coffee and the interview we did with Adam from the team there.
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Coffee Collective

How are the fresh, seasonal offerings looking this year?
We have just received fresh harvests from both Kenya and Ethiopia, and they have excitingly exceeded our already high expectations! Our long-time favourite Kenyan coffee, Kieni, displays a juicy acidity, compounded by a surprisingly high sweetness and berry aromas. Very Danish summer vibes!!

Then we have two super aromatic coffees from the Guji region in Ethiopia.

How is business at the moment?

Fortunately, Denmark has not been as heavily hit compared to some other countries around the world. While, like most people in hospitality, we have taken a massive hit, we were lucky enough to be able to stay open during "lockdown" and continue a reduced trade.

We have managed to structure an environment where we were able to keep all our baristas and staff, which was paramount for us as a company. Things are slowly starting to pick up, and that is something we feel very humbled and privileged about.

Have you had to stop any farm travel plans you had this year?

The way we work is that we source our coffee directly from the farms that we are working with. This means that we visit each producer at least once per year, often multiple times. These close relationships are what drives us as a company and are behind everything that we do. So in a sense, every trip that we have missed is a huge shame for us.

How do you run cupping at the roastery – do you all always agree or is there lots of debate too?

As a roastery, we cup every single batch we roast and analyse each roast in great depth. We roast five days per week, which gives us a lot of opportunities to make small adjustments to continue to strive for quality.

To be honest, there is not much debate between the roasters and bar managers. If you look at their cupping sheets, it blows my mind how accurate and in line everybody is with their analysis. In addition to cupping, we use our five coffee bars for constant feedback on all brew methods to make sure we are getting the best out of all the coffees we have on each brew method.

Great selection for this month, tell us a bit about them

Kieni, Kenya
- Fruity and Juicy
- Aromas of dark berries, rhubarb, and vanilla.

We have been working with Kieni for over ten years, and it’s always a staff favourite.

Kirite, Ethiopia
- Citrusy and floral

- Aromas of bergamot and peach.
- Our first year working with Kirite.

It was so good we actually did not purchase a coffee from Yirgacheffe.

Buku, Ethiopia
- Sweet and fruity
- Aromas of orange and nectarine
- This is our second harvest from Buku.

It is everything we love from a Guji coffee. Great aromas and sweetness.

We really appreciate the complexity of the coffee. It is balanced but also has some nice aromas.

What are your current plans for the future?

Nothing has changed radically for us. If anything, it has inspired us to continue on the path that we are on. To keep working towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for every link in the supply chain. From seed to cup.

Any words of wisdom or hope to share with our subscribers at this time?

Just that we feel are very grateful for everyone and their support during these tough times. When they drink our coffee, they are not only supporting us but also the people who need it most—the producers. Hopefully, the coffee can put a smile on your face. That would make us very happy!

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