April Coffee Roasters - Guest Roaster in June 2022

April Coffee Roasters - Featured roaster in Bean Bros Coffee Subscription

As we race into summertime here in Europe, why not take a moment to slow things down and enjoy your coffee subscription from Bean Bros.

This month we return to an old favourite, featuring April Coffee. There is a lot to love about April, the focus on quality, continuous learning and product development.

In their work, April look to push high quality and specific flavour profiles achieved through how they source, roast and brew the coffee. We have known April for a long time and admire the effort and care that goes in to producing great coffee as well as taking the time and consideration to push for parity and recognition of the work that is undertaken at coffee farms.

April is based in Copenhagen, so it is no surprise to see a clarity in their vision and design. This month we are featuring their new release coffee packaging!

When you cast your eye over the work that April have undertaken this year, you wonder where the team find the time for everything they do! Of course, combined, it is clear these activities contribute to overall vision and pursuit for great coffee in a challenging and thought-provoking manner.

A new website, a book on the journey from coffee nerd to pro, new packaging, various coffee competition involvements and victories, the April brewer with ongoing recipe and product materials development, the roastery, the café, clothing … simply, there is no standing still!

If we take a few key lessons from this company, it would be to pursue something that matters to you and do it how you want to whilst constantly striving to improve, explore and help those that need.

We hope that you enjoy the coffee, and have the chance to take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved and how you wish to challenge yourself or contribute to the communities you are involved with.

This month we have some super tasty coffee for you. The two bag subscriptions this includes:

Location: Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Producer & Farm: Small Farmholders at the Arsosala Washing Station
Varietal: Washed Heirloom
Flavour Notes: Candied Citrus, Bergamot & Jasmine
This is April’s first Ethiopian release from the latest harvest.
Grown at an average altitude of 1800 metres above sea level, this lot is comprised of Ethiopian heirloom varietals.
The lot has been processed at the Arsosala washing station and is comprised of cherries delivered by over 1200 smallholder farmers from the Guji region, 400km south of the Ethiopian capital.

El Socorro - Guatemala - Red Honey Java
Location: Guatemala, Palencia
Farm: El Socorro
Producer: Diego de la Cerda
Varietal: Red Honey Java
Flavour Notes: Watermelon, Red Apple & Plum

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