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April Box - Good Life Coffee, Finland

Let’s avoid badlife with good coffee

Avoid bad life. Finnish heavyweights Good Life Coffee from Helsinki know that a great cup of fresh and excellent coffee can make the day. Roasting only carefully selected highest grade beans to their individual profiles, applying a refreshing no nonsense, no unnneeded fancy stuff approach. Showcasing highest passion for their profession, GLC stands for no less than great coffee, thus making drinking their coffee indeed a good life.

It’s not more than four months that we first came across Good Life Coffee. One of our friends from Helsinki, Finland, came to Copenhagen and brought a pack of Good Life Coffee. We instantly loved the design and after tasting the coffee, we knew that Good Life Coffee would be our first Finnish roaster. Brew a cup, make yourself comfortable and let us introduce you to Samuli Ronkanen from Good Life Coffee. Samuli’s interest for coffee began in 2007 with a terrific espresso shot made by a friend. Before officially starting Good Life Coffee roastery in 2014, he participated in Aeropress World Championships, Nordic Barista Cups and other coffee events as an enthusiast, while trying to figure out how to make good coffee. And he succeeded.

So Samuli ... what is your approach and goalin roasting?

My goal is to make clean, balanced and interesting coffee that is easy to brew.

What about green coffee sourcing? Seasonality, transparency, sustainability?

All of the above is important. However, in the future, we want to build the sourcing towards relationships with the producers instead of shoppingaround good coffees. Almost all of our coffee is sourced by Nordic Approach and we will continue to deepen that relationship in the future as well.

What does avoid bad life stand for and what does it mean for you?

The slogan has different meanings to everyone and that’s great! It’s not meant to be just one thing. What it means for us is that we improve everyday life with one good coffee cup at the time. When we do our part right that one cup stretches all the way from our customers in the café, to the producers at the origins. My role is to make that happen.

How is the Finnish coffee scene?

The general interest for quality coffee is growing, but still, we are a little bit behind compared to other nordic countries, like Norway or Sweden.

Any suggestion for our subscribers how to brew the coffee?

All the usual methods and equipment should work fine. For filter we usually start with 60g coffee / 1000g water ratio and depending on the amount you need, just scale from there.

We hope you guys will enjoy the coffee and that it actually does make your life better. Let us know how you brewed it and what worked for you on Let’s Talk Coffee on Facebook.

Good Life Coffee, Finland

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