19 grams from Berlin - Featured roaster in August 2023

August! Parts of Europe are baking and parts are soaking, but here we are with perfectly roasted and consistently great, or as they say in this part of Berlin…bloody good coffee!

It is a real pleasure to be sharing coffee from 19 Grams again. Such a great group of people, down to earth and always roasting impressively tasty coffee.

Enjoy your brews this month, have a read of what 19 Grams shared with us.

19 grams

What’s been happening since we last featured you?

So many things: Last July we were voted “Roaster of the year” which was a great honour for us, also it is our 21st birthday this year. It sure is a long time - but did not feel this way! As the coffee industry does not sleep and continues to change and improve things, which is amazing.

19 Grams - Berlin

What are your plans for the immediate future? Special features, expansion, bigger billboards (Times Square?)

Time Square will have to wait for now - unfortunately ;)
In the immediate future we are very focused on the second half of 2023, which includes our Coffee Advent Calendar. This year flew by and we hope to make it a huge success again which amazing coffees to try!

Do you know that Christmas isn’t in July! Really excited to see your Calendar feature out again…how special will it be this year?

The Calendar is going to be suuuuper special this year! :D Also for us it’s a highlight each year. Not only do we have a beautiful gift box in a stunning design this year, but also some very special coffees: such as a Malawi Geisha, which is going to be super interesting for coffee enthusiasts around the world.

And, of course there is Christmas in July!! ;D For us from the Northern Hemisphere it might seem weird at first sight, but having had several Australians in the team for many years, we have taken a few things into our company culture. We started Christmas in July two years ago, because for Australians it is winter and they enjoy all the Christmassy things during this cold period, just as we do. If you think about it, it makes complete sense! :D

Any highlights from WoC Athens you would like to share?

The WoC was really great! We’ve loved being there and getting in touch with the worldwide Coffee Community, especially the exchange and talks with coffee professionals and enthusiasts from all over the globe is always a special feeling and after Covid the mingle is what you especially appreciate.

How are your cafes going? Some of the food looks delicious!

Thank you so much! The Cafés are going well - we are particularly proud of the recent renovations in our 19grams Boxi, which is our first and oldest location. It turned out to be really, really beautiful! You should stop by for some bloody good coffee very soon!

Great coffee for this month, what details do you have?

So first of all: congratulations on the amazing selection of coffees you have put together, your subscribers are in for a real treat!

La Toma
The Castillo-Lot from La Toma has been washed. The farm La Toma is located on over 2.000 masl which is really high and allows the beans to ripen very slowly. That leads to a quite complex flavourprofile in the cup.

Berlin Summer
The Berlin Summer Coffee is a special Edition that we are roasting this year. It is a Geisha from Malawi. First of all, it is quite rare to have a coffee from there, but they actually produce very impressive high quality beans, and you can taste this with the Berlin Summer.

We have been working for a long time with Abdul Rudahunga who is running the Simbi Washing Station in the Huye, Region in Rwanda. It’s a directly traded Bourbon-lot that we enjoy a lot year after year. We usually source coffees from Simbi that have been processed in different ways. This particular lot was washed and produces a fine Espresso with clear flavour notes. Several coffees from Simbi have been cupped in the Cup of Excellence with great results, which shows the outstanding quality that is produced here.

The Gakuyuini from Kenya is of course an all time favourite - not only for us but also for 19grams fans. This lot is a blend of SL28 and SL34, washed, which results in super fruity juicy notes in the cup. The beans grow on the south side of Mount Kenya and come from around 1800 small farmers to the wet mill. Our cupping score for this lot is 89 points.

And finally…

Firstly, big thanks to the team of Bean Bros for having us and featuring our coffees once again! We love to be back! To all the subscribers, we hope that each of you will enjoy these coffees and love brewing them as much as we do! Stay Caffeinated & Happy Brewing! <3

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