Varia AKU Digital Scale - Black

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Varia AKU Digital Scale for Precision brewing control

Auto tare/timer modes + full manual control

The aku scale has been developed to be your perfect countertop coffee scale for home or commercial brewing featuring both auto-tare/timing modes for espresso as well as full manual modes so you can control every variable.

Precision load cell + 9 digit led display 

The Varia AKU is fitted with an extremely high quality load cell with 0.1g sensitivity across the entire weighing range providing ultimate accuracy and precision combined with an ultra clear 9 digit led display.

Primary foundry alloy body construction 

Primary foundry alloys are know for excellent quality and high purity providing an extremely strong and durable body while also being extremely resistant to high temperatures.

High precision cnc machining 0.02mm tolerances 

die cast and cnc machined to industry levels of precision to ensure the most precise tolerances and accuracy and stability when making adjustments and weighing.

IPX5 Waterproof 

AKU is IPX5 water resistant and is protected against low pressure water stream from any angle.