19grams Specialty Coffee Roasters - Featured Guest Roaster in August 2022

19grams Specialty Coffee Roasters - Featured Guest Roaster in August 2022

 We are hitting the peak of summer here in Europe, so what better way for us to bring something bright and happy into your life than a revisit to the fantastic team at 19 Grams in Berlin! It’s been almost 18 months since we last featured them, so we had a lot to catch up on!

Hey! What’s been going on with you since the last time we met?

We have been up to quite a bit actually! Our biggest news would have to be that we won Crema Magazine roaster of the year 2022!
Anthony, our head roaster placed 3rd in this year's Brewers Cup and our roastery team got to travel to origin to see some of our producers, meet new producers and took part in the COE!

We also hosted COE at our Roastery in Berlin, acting as a GCC (global coffee centre) for several Origins where travel restrictions were still present.
We also renovated 3 of our cafes in Berlin!

Nice to see you planning ahead for Xmas! Are you super excited or trying to be organised for the best advent calendar?

It’s alway Christmas at 19grams ;) But this year is super exciting as we will be featuring a lot of amazing producers and some exciting new Origins. Watch this space.

Any clues what there is to look forward to in your calendar?

There will be all the classics that’s for sure and hopefully something really special from Thailand on the horizon…

Is there any time you think customers are more inclined to buy coffee as a gift?

In Germany it’s definitely Advent Calendar season which means all of November basically but also Christmas and Easter are quite popular too. Chocolate and coffee is always a nice pairing!

Looking forward to this month's coffee. Please tell us about each of the coffees?

Our Nyakabugi is a special that Anthony, our head roaster, holds close to his heart. It was his all time favourite Kenyan and then it disappeared like so many great Kenyans do. After years of searching he was able to track it back down. Still great and tropical and berry forward which was exactly what we’d hoped for!

Our Dumtu Tero farm is a Great traceable and certified farm in Ethiopia. They do really impressive Naturals that we have bought for many years and this year they have introduced a new ‘heirloom’ washed varietal based on the flavour profiles found around the towns bordering the farm. We have chosen the Tero Heirloom which has a classic silky washed Ethiopian flavour profile with nice citrus and floral notes.

Our La Bolsa comes from the Vidas58 who is a Direct Trade partner that we have been working with since the WOC in Berlin in 2019. The Pena Blanca is a really nice sweet and floral coffee and the el Sendaro is thick syrupy and fudgey and makes a delicious and moorish filter that you just want to drink cup after cup of.

What exciting trips or events have you been part of?

Yes it’s great to be back and part of the coffee community again. Mars who is one of our Roasters got to go to Mexico and EL Salvador to participate in the COE and Anthony, our head roaster was off to Mexico/Costa Rica and El Salvador earlier in the year to see some of the producers we work with and catch up on some sorely missed ocean time. On his return he was able to steal 3rd place in the German Brewers Cup!

We also headed off to Milan for WOC 2022 as a team and had a booth in the Roasters Village. It was a really lovely experience catching up with old friends after so long and also making new ones. We can’t wait for Athens WOC next year!

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